United Nations Service Contract Pay Scale

The staff are members of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund. The amount of the monthly contribution depends on the salary level set by the United Nations General Assembly. As the salary calculator shows, a nurse in New York City receives $21,560 – $40,350 per year. Administrative staff in the State earn between $18,210 and $52,520. According to the United Nations salary scale for these occupations, which fall into the P4 category, the level of salaries is significantly higher. Salary level: The level of salaries of professional staff is determined on the basis of the Noblemaire principle, which states that the international civil service should be able to recruit staff in its Member States, including the highest paid. Therefore, the salaries of qualified personnel are determined by reference to the highest paid national civil service. The International Civil Service Commission (IASC) carries out a regular review in order to identify the national civil service of the Member State with the highest salaries, which is appropriate for a meaningful comparison due to its size and structure. The federal civil service of the United States of America has so far been considered the highest-paid national civil service.

The United Nations offers you an attractive compensation package with competitive salaries and benefits. The level of remuneration of internationally recruited staff in professional and higher categories shall be determined by reference to the highest paid national civil service. Employees in the categories hired on site will be paid according to the best conditions of service on site. Agents who have an appointment of six months or more or who complete six months of service without interruption of more than 30 days become participants in the Fund. For specialized and field staff, a pensionable remuneration scale is established, which is used to determine contributions to the Fund and for the calculation of pension benefits and is applicable worldwide. United Nations Volunteers (UNV): The benefits and rights of United Nations Volunteers are provided for in the United Nations Programme Terms of Use and depend on the applicable terms. United Nations Volunteers may be entitled to UNICEF benefits and entitlements as provided for in the Guidelines. Depending on the type of contract, you may be entitled to family allowances, including maintenance allowances, if you have an eligible spouse and/or dependent child, and, under certain conditions, to an education allowance if you have eligible children at school. You enter the details of the appointment – type of contract, rank, level, place of work, your marital status, the number of assignments, the number of years in the United Nations system, etc.

This salary estimation tool calculates your salary and allowances, insurance, monthly income and deductions. As an IP, NO, or GS employee, you may be eligible for several benefits, depending on your service, the type of deployment, and other contextual factors. Upon acceptance of a job offer, UNICEF employees receive consolidated and up-to-date information on their benefits and rights under their contract. Benefits may include: Click here for the current salary range for employees in the higher and higher occupational categories (as of January 1, 2019). Sometimes you will find that self-service contracts (used for service contracts – SC) awarded to consultants and individual contractors are limited to a maximum cumulative duration of 11.5 months over a 12-month period and up to a maximum cumulative duration of 46 months over a 48-month period. Once the maximum cumulative duration of the contract of 46 months is reached, a mandatory break of 12 months must be observed. The UN salary scale is quite a difficult thing. Many international organizations (such as IOM) have linked their salaries to the UN salary scale.

It is calculated individually for each country and even for each city (capital/non-capital). International Entry Positions – G (GS) Grades. (G-1 to G-7). G – 7 is the highest content. Middle management positions for international staff from P-1 to P-6 (the P-6 is the highest salary)Salary calculator for international employees (try to open this link via Internet Explorer). So go to the links above – choose your grade and type of contract, and that`s the length and you get the monthly salary. Old-age pension If you have a prescription of six months or more, or if you complete six months of uninterrupted service, you become a participant in the United Nations Joint Pension Fund. A mandatory contribution will be deducted from your monthly salary. Click here to browse the current salary ranges for G-level employees (by location).

During working hours in the organization, employees must be prepared for the repeated change of workplace. Employees who work outside their own country receive a pension when they are appointed to the service. For each child, an education subsidy and a dependant subsidy are awarded. Employees may also be eligible for a rent subsidy. At UNICEF, we understand that our people are the driving force behind everything we do. That`s why our policies and initiatives on contracts, benefits and well-being ensure they are well equipped to effectively care for children. Depending on the type of contract, you are entitled to 18 to 30 days of vacation per year. .