What Can I Do If Someone Forged My Signature on a Legal Document

Counterfeiting is a very powerful crime. As in the example described above, forged signatures on the right document – that is, on a power of attorney, deed, cheque, will or contract – can allow sophisticated fraudsters to steal a lot of money. To obtain the power of attorney, the scammer simply falsified the names of my clients, falsified the names of the witnesses and falsified the signature and seal of the notary. She then submitted the power of attorney to the District Clerk`s office, and when she was done, she had a very official document. With the fraudulent power of attorney, she was able to get a mortgage and buy a house on behalf of my clients. If the signature is invalid and has been essentially falsified, then no “meeting of spirits” could have taken place and the document is therefore inapplicable. Contact the party who received the fraudulent documents or contract immediately. This gives the recipient the opportunity to correct past actions or stop other harmful actions that may result from the fake contract. Although it depends on the recipient, there may be a certain amount of time within which you need to report a fake document. For example, a bank may require notification to be made within 60 days of the unauthorized transaction being mentioned on a bank statement.

Legal signatures are completed in writing or using a machine or device. It may be any trademark, word or symbol adopted by a person who intends to certify a written document. If a person signs a contract without the consent of the other party, the signature does not bind the document or contract. This is because the intention of both parties has not been established. Let the specialists help you relieve the resolution of your disagreements. DoNotPay provides a simple and efficient way to file a complaint quickly and accurately. Take uncertainty out of the equation knowing you have someone by your side to support you through the process. Follow the simple procedures outlined here to begin your trial and get help with your case.

As children, we are taught that forging a signature is a crime, but the profound effects of such an act are usually overlooked. Most often, we associate falsification with the trope of falsifying a parent`s signature on a permit. Such an innocent act, who could be hurt? In truth, falsification can hurt not only the victim, but also his loved ones. Most of the time, the victim and the criminal know each other. Counterfeiting creates complicated problems that a lawyer can solve with you, so if you are a victim of falsification, I recommend that you seek legal advice from a litigant. Before you do that, make sure you`re prepared. Bring a copy of the forgery and, if possible, explain why the scammer committed the crime of forgery and what he expected from the deception. Sometimes a handwriting expert needs to be consulted to check if a signature has been permanently falsified. If a professional has falsified your signature in the course of their typical professional activities, you may need to contact an industry regulator. An example of this event would be a real estate agent signing a contract to sell your property.

Apart from the antics of children to avoid problems, signing someone else`s name without permission can get you into big trouble. If you are a victim of this brand of identity theft, you know that the results can be devastating both financially and socially. Even businesses have the right to sue violators in small claims court to make up for their losses. Forged signatures are one of the most common types of cases received in the laboratory. Counterfeits occur on all types of documents, wills, employment contracts, checks and all kinds of financial documents. Any document relating to something of value runs the risk of being altered or manipulated or containing forged signatures. If a copy of an important document is offered in place of the original, proceed with caution! For example, a bank can only agree to repay your money after signing an affidavit stating that the signature is false. You must sign the affidavit so that the recipient of the document can investigate the matter. After discovering the fake, the first step is to prevent the damage from getting worse by informing the intended recipient of your fraudulent signature.

The second step is to inform the police, because counterfeiting is a very serious crime. And the last step is to consult a lawyer. Managing the damage caused by a forged signature can be very complicated, and a lawyer can help you understand these things. You may also need to use the service of a handwriting expert to verify that the signature has been tampered with. If the person who falsified your signature acted in a professional capacity, e.B. if your real estate agent signs a contract for the sale of your property, you can report it to the industry regulator. Some features that an FDE would look at in a signature are: In some cases, you may need legal help to resolve the issue. For example, if you are sued by another party for failing to perform the terms of a contract signed by an authorized person, you can consult a lawyer or solicitor and go to court. In my example, the false power of attorney allowed the scammer to obtain a $625,500 mortgage. This is mortgage fraud and a significant theft of this amount from the mortgage lender. A bank may require a written statement to document that you believe a signature has been forged.

This will also start the process of reversing the effects that may have been caused by the forged document. This declaration also releases the receiving party from any liability if the signature is indeed authentic. For the avoidance of doubt, a bank cannot accept a refund of your money until you have completed an affidavit stating that a signature has been forged. The act of falsifying a signature is a crime, but as with all types of fraud, counterfeiting cannot be committed accidentally. To commit a forger, the forger must intend to deceive another person with the forged signature. I`ll tell you something else important: even if you can prove financial damages, if the scammer has no assets or income, there is probably no reason to spend your resources on a lawsuit, because even if you get a verdict against the scammer, there would be no way to recover what is owed to you. This article explains what you should do if you are a victim of such falsification, how to do it, how to prove that the signature is a forgery and how important it is to hire a lawyer to defend you in order to prove that your signature is a forgery. Proving that the signature is forged can be difficult. There are several ways to prove it. In addition to video or surveillance cameras, a common method of proving falsification is to testify by experts, in which case a handwriting expert will testify about falsification. It is important to note that the possibility of prosecution for forgery of signatures will come after federal lawsuits are filed. The offender must face his own charge and the consequences of his actions, as well as the request for reimbursement of the damages paid to you.

There may be problems with refund payments once the claim is resolved, but the court will help with the refund of damages. The above two cases are examples of credit changes where counterfeits are discovered and therefore credit drugs become unenforceable. But just because there are allegations of falsification does not mean that documents are not automatically enforceable. Counterfeits must be proven. Sometimes a signature is “cut and pasted” into a document. In this case, the signature may seem natural, but there may be other evidence of “copy and paste” to indicate otherwise. Signs of this type can be: the signature seems to hover above the baseline, the tedious placement of a signature in a document, parts of the ascending or descending lines are truncated, an overlay of the signature is displayed on several documents. Every day, contracts are voluntarily concluded by two or more parties who agree to be bound by them.