Acura Service Agreement

If you are now considering a vehicle maintenance contract, you need to know what a direct supplier is. This is an important distinction that deserves to be discussed. To make a service call, you will need your service contract number or the VIN of your car, a mobile phone where your vehicle is located, and your license plate. 2. Any audio/video communication, navigation or entertainment system that becomes unusable or may no longer function as intended due to changes in content, technology or wireless service. Damage caused by improper repair or update of covered components. What is covered depends on the plan you choose. Typically, when it comes to vehicle maintenance contracts, the more you cover, the more expensive your plan will be. Powertrain coverage is less exclusive, while new cars and “full” policies tend to cover a larger portion of their vehicle systems. 12. Any damage covered by any other type of warranty or service contract. 13. All pre-existing conditions that existed prior to the purchase of the vehicle maintenance contract.

Acura strives to cover used vehicles in a way that its competitors do not offer. However, it is undeniable that there are limits to this coverage. In addition to having to pay for this used car warranty on your Acura vehicle, you are limited to where you can actually have your car serviced. Acura prevents you from using only the dealers and service centers they authorize. Acura Care is what is called a vehicle maintenance contract. A vehicle maintenance contract is an agreement between you and the “debtor” to pay the repair costs of certain parts of your vehicle specified in the vehicle maintenance contract. Vehicle maintenance contracts almost always cover only mechanical parts and do not include coverage for “wear parts” and things like body parts, exhaust systems, etc. New/Used Acura Recalls: We have a service contract that`s right for you. Check out our Honda Care and Acura Care programs, check out our printable Acura Care brochure, the same brochure you`ll find at your local dealership, or if you really want to see the “fine print,” check out a sample Acura Care contract. We have tried to give you everything you need to know in advance so that you can make your purchase decision. If you have any further questions, please see our FAQ and if you have any questions, please let us know and contact us directly. Acura Care describes itself as a way to take your “luxury experience to the next level.” It promises to maintain and protect your Acura from unexpected and expensive repairs to your vehicle after your factory warranty expires.

An extended warranty is a vehicle maintenance contract that allows you to manage repair costs after the original warranty expires. Instead of worrying about paying for a huge and expensive repair, an extended warranty allows you to pay a supplier an affordable annual or monthly payment. When a covered repair is due, you simply pay your deductible and the extended warranty provider takes care of the rest. Dealers control prices, especially if your factory warranty has expired. And they will always look for an excuse to charge for a service or include an unnecessary repair. With a third-party protection plan, you can take your vehicle to any certified mechanic or repair shop. Mitigates the financial impact caused by negative equity when a covered vehicle is considered a total loss, either as a result of an accident or theft. In the event of a total loss, gap covers the difference between the actual present value (usually the primary insurance statement) and the outstanding net balance of the initial financing contract. The powertrain warranty is valid for 7 years / 100,000 miles from the date of commissioning.

The items covered are identical to Acura`s factory powertrain warranty. There are also a number of circumstances that make your contract invalid and should therefore be avoided. In our opinion, these conditions are quite common and standard for most vehicle maintenance contracts that you will see on the open market. Endurance offers comprehensive coverage for both new and used vehicles, allowing you to take your car to any certified mechanic. To continue to be covered by Acura`s maintenance service contract, your vehicle must be 2015 or newer and be taken to an Acura-approved dealership that prevents the customer from receiving service anywhere. The typical vehicle maintenance contract costs between $1,800 and $3,400, which varies depending on the length of time you choose, the plan you choose, the type of vehicle you own, and its mileage. You can also change the price by choosing a lower or higher deductible. Vehicle maintenance contracts, commonly known as extended car warranties, protect both Honda and Acura vehicles.

There are far too many things that Acura owners adopt, but they don`t really know when it comes to their extended warranty options for their vehicle, let alone the included factory warranty. And cars under the Acura name tend to reach higher miles, and owners tend to keep them longer. Like most extended warranty providers, Acura also offers benefits such as roadside assistance, car rental refunds, trip interruption services, and concierge emergency services. Acura Care coverage is transferable and you can view the full contract template online. We`ve read a lot of contracts, made tons of phone calls, and compared factors like customer service, benefits, coverage options, and online reputation to provide you with our list of the best third-party auto warranty providers. While many third-party dealers and vendors offer similar contracts, there are some important differences that companies with third-party extended warranties consider: Acura Care can help you simplify your life by eliminating the concerns of many expensive mechanical repairs. While Acura is known for its long-term reliability, it`s good to know that beyond the original Acura warranty, you have the extra level of protection for your investment. With an Acura Care vehicle service contract, you can protect yourself from many expensive repair bills up to 120,000 miles. For each of these miles, you will receive acura coverage supported by the factory. While most vehicle maintenance contracts provide for a $100 deductible, you have options with AcuraCare. While a $0 deductible and a $100 deductible are common, since the plan is sold at the merchant level, you might be able to get away with a higher deductible if the merchant really wants to get your business. A direct warranty provider is a warranty company that legally manages and serves its own claims.

This means that if a direct warranty provider sells you an extended warranty, they will be responsible for paying your claims as well as handling any customer service issues that may arise. However, there is an additional wrinkle with the Acura Vehicle Service Contract. Since the policy is sold at the dealer level rather than the manufacturer level, you can get competing quotes. Some dealers sell the policy for less than others. Traders themselves also have incentives to sell the policy, so you can use it against them to get leverage. A higher deductible can significantly reduce your overall cost while protecting you. Plus, Acura is a reliable manufacturer at first, so if you follow the protocol and do the regular maintenance visits, you shouldn`t have a problem. These benefits are the norm for the automotive maintenance contract industry; However, their payments are pretty cheap, so that`s something to keep in mind. All repairs are performed by factory-trained Acura technicians at authorized Acura dealers, using only genuine Acura or American Honda parts. If acura Care does not have an Acura dealer available remotely tow, repairs will be performed at an authorized Acura Care service center.

Direct providers can offer lower prices for their plans and better customer service because everything is managed in-house. In addition to 60,000 or 90,000 mile stage services, it is difficult to predict the timing of repair costs. An extended warranty can cover some of these costs and help you keep your monthly budget consistent. In addition, extended warranties usually come with additional benefits such as roadside assistance and trip interruption, which can make the experience of a breakdown less boring. Specific guidelines and coverage amounts can be found in the service contract application. If you want to learn more about extended car warranties or want to see what a particular vehicle service contract looks like for you, you have options. Get a free, personalized quote below: Acura Care supports you on all your travels and offers you valuable help in countless ways. No matter where you travel, you benefit from Acura Care`s versatile services to help you get the most out of your Acura experience. Maintain your vehicle in accordance with the recommended maintenance plan outlined in your warranty booklet, and your Acura Care service contract can do the rest, covering potentially expensive repairs to virtually every component of your vehicle, even things like timing belts, water pumps, and constant speed connections.

If you want extended coverage beyond Acura`s original bumper-to-bumper warranty, there`s no better choice than Acura Care. Yes, the Acura Care Vehicle Service Contract is fully transferable during a private sale from party to private party. To transfer your policy to a new owner, here`s what you need to do: The first three benefits are pretty common in the industry. However, few brands offer concierge services with extended warranties, so Acura gets a point for that. .