Affidavit Format in Gujarati Pdf

Discover a faster way to fill out and sign forms on the web. Access the most comprehensive template library available. Our platform allows you to complete the entire process of filling in legal documents online. That`s why you save hours (if not days or even weeks) and get rid of extra payments. From now on, fill out the Gazette Affidavit Format of Name Change to Gujarati at Home, at Work or even on the Go. PART IV Laws of the Gujarat Legislature and Ordinances Promulgated and Regulations. (6) The. ઉપર એફિડેવિટમાં દર્શાવેલ તમામ હકીકતો મારી જાણ તથા માન્યતા મુજબ સાચી અને ખરી છે, ખોટી એફિડેવિટ કરવી એ ફોજદારી ગુનો બને છે તે હમો સારી રીતે જાણીએ છીએ. Extra No.6 REGISTERED No. G/GNR/2 C The Official Gazette of Gujarat EXTRA ORDINARY PUBLISHED BY THE AUTHORITY Vol. XLVI TUESDAY, 25 JANUARY 2005/MAGHA 5, 1926 A separate pagination is given to this part in.

t[mj h&> p&²tvyn) hi[u an[ h&> jit[ ki[epN (nN. t[Y) B(vOyn[ njrmi> riK)n[ m[ ai si[g>Fnim&> kr[l C[. uprn) tmim hk)kti[ Kr) an[ sRy C[, j[ h&> aiY) mir) sRy Fm

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an[ t[mn) siY[ h&> p[m s>b>FY) b>Fiy[l C&>. ami[ ai p[m s>b>Fn[ kiym) Av$p aipvi mi>g)a[C)a[. h&> p&²tvyn) C&>, an[ h&> miri Jvn (vS[ smjvi sxm C&>. t[Y) m[> …… siY[ (hºd& SiA#ii[kt (vF)Y) l³ng>Y)Y) ji[Divine&> nkk) krti>> ami[ b>n[a[ ~) s>iebibi m>(dr,…………………….. m&kim[ shooting)K : …………….. ni> ri[j Av[μCia[ l³n kr) l)F[l C[. an[ a[ r)t[ ami[ b>n[ riJK&S)Y) Av[μCia[ l³ng>Y)Y) ji[Diy[l C[. h&> aijY) ……………….. n[ miri p(t tr)k[ Av)ki$ C&>. ………………….

siY[ l³ng>Y)Y) ji[Divi miT[ k[ t[ aºvy[ni> l³n ni[>FN)n) yid) k[ l³n yid) mi[klvi miT[n) arJmi> k[ ai si[g>Fnim&> krvi miT[ t[mni trfY) k[ t[mni k&T&>b)jni[ trfY) ki[epN jitni[ By, lilc, dbiN, Fik k[ Fmk)ai[ aip[l nY], t[mj m[ s>p&NY) Y) ji[Divin&> nkk) kr[l C[. an[ t[Y) t[vi l³n s>b>F) hrki[e p&rivimi> m[ mir) riJK&S)Y) Av[μCia[ sh) kr[l C[. an[ a[ r)t[ ami[ b>n[ aijY) p(t-p(Rn tr)k[ni s>b>Fi[mi> b>Fiea[ C)a[. an[ h&> miri p(tn[ vfidir rh) J>dg) pysir clivvi tYi mir) p( Rn tr)k[n) gZhAY Jvnn) tmim frji[ yi[³y r)t[ bjiv)S an[ t[mn[ p(t tr)k[ni tmim kiyd[srni hkk an[ a(Fkiri[ aip)S. An Official Journal is a periodical publication which has been accepted for publication. Therefore, the ___.___aiY) h&> n)c[sh) krnir ~)m(t….. t[ … (n) p&#i) Fm[Fi[: , rh[. … aiY) miri Fmd upr jih[r k$ C&> k[, then I promise the truth according to my religion, I declare under oath.

I took the exam in _I and then I was admitted to ___college, but I am at the end of _____ I assure you that no further admission has been obtained for other studies outside the state. Carried out with a view to obtaining approval in the Community and passing the examination. There is no other reason than that. No one else has any responsibility. .