Roadmap on how to increase community energy using the RENCOP model

This Roadmap filters down and combines the findings of our project into an informative and detailed report. Transnational cooperation highlights the importance of community energy (CE) as a core pillar of the Green Deal in the Baltic Sea Region. Therefore, the consortium of our project has established an organisational model called RENCOP, where the impact of citizen engagement in renewable energy production and consumption is clearly outlined. In essence, it will guide and encourage organisations to stimulate a higher production of renewable energies through energy-cooperative models and approaches, by setting up structures such as a RENCOP.

Furthermore, the Roadmap illustrates a participatory mobilisation process, with general and country-specific steps, in order to develop CE in regions and municipalities across the BSR and beyond: “The RENCOP model” addresses local and regional actors such as municipal climate managers, energy agencies and other BSR/EU-wide actors interested in promoting RE and CE.

You can download a poster illustrating the Roadmap here.