To promote the transition to neutral heating in private homes, the Middelfart Municipality has been running campaigns to inform citizens on the possibility to purchase heat pumps collectively. By purchasing as a group, the citizens can reduce their investment cost for heat pumps. Middelfart Municipality offers support and advice for the citizens such as helping to find different suppliers and ensuring that the project development process moves forward.

This concept continues in the extension stage Energize Co2mmunity, in collaboration with the associated partners Kolding and Vejen Municipality. In total, seven online meetings have been held as well as the first meeting with citizens interested in common purchase.

Based on the experience from the RENCOP “common purchase of heat pumps”, Middelfart Municipality strives to pilot the concept in a real-life project in dialogue with the DK Association for District Heating & Renewable Energy Co-operations. Within the extension stage, a non-profit distribution concept of heat pumps will be tested. The piloting involves founding legal entities who offer the service, and depends on support from actors with RENCOP-experience.

Føns Community

During Energize Co2mmunity the partner from Denmark is paired with the pilot project from Lithuania.

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