Compilation of Findings

Joint Declaration of Intent

Scientific Outputs

Scientific Paper Icon

Scientific Review of CE in Europe (PDF)

Review of research papers on CE, Working Paper 2.1

Roadmap (PDF)

Roadmap on how to increase community energy using the RENCOP model

Roadmap Poster (PDF, A3)

Roadmap on how to increase community energy using the RENCOP model

Guideline (PDF)

Guidelines for participatory mobilization process to set up RENCOP​

RENCOP Knowledge

RENCOP Stakeholder mapping

Stakeholder Mapping (PDF)

An analysis of the stakeholders in the different Co2mmunity RENCOPs

Stakeholder Mapping Tool

Stakeholder Mapping Tool (Excel)

A tool for stakeholder mapping in RENCOPs

Feasibility of constituting of regional RENCOPs (PDF)

Establishing, managing, analysing and evaluation of feasibility of constituting regional RENCOPs

Poster from Lithuania (PDF, A3)

Partnerystė, RENCOP Modelis, Bendruomenių energetikos projektai

RENCOP management guideline

Guideline for RENCOP Management (PDF)

A guideline on establishing and managing a RENCOP


Success Factors (PDF)

Identified success factors in the process of stakeholder involvement into RENCOPs

Research Marupe

Research from Latvia (PDF)

Assessment of Technical, Economic and Legal Frameworks for the Implementation of Renewable Energy Community Projects

RENCOP Booklet 20.09.2020

RENCOP Booklet (30.09.2020)

An overview over all RENCOPs by the end of the Co2mmunity project.

8 country-specific handbooks


Håndbog for udvikling af fælles energiprojekter


Yhteisöenergian käsikirja Kuinka edistän paikallista uusiutuvaa yhteisöenergiaa?

Finland (Swedish)

Hur främjar jag lokala, förnybara medborgarenergigemenskaper?


Rokasgrāmata kopienu atjaunīgo energoresursu projektu ieviešanai

Latvia (English Summary)

Handbook for Community Renewable Energy Project Development


Podręcznik rozwoju energetyki obywatelskiej opartej o odnawialne źródła energii


Käsiraamat Taastuvenergiakogukonnad


Handbuch für die Entwicklung von Bürgerenergieprojekten


Atsinaujinančių išteklių energijos bendruomenių projektų kūrimo Vadovas


Handbok - Community Energy - Hur man utvecklar förnybar energi tillsammans

Policy Paper


Policy recommendations to seize the potential of community energy in the Baltic Sea region


Politiikkasuosituksia yhteisöenergian mahdollisuuksien hyödyntämiseen Itämeren alueella


Politikos rekomendacijos, kaip išnaudoti bendruomenės energijos potencialą Baltijos jūros regione


Rekomendacje dla wykorzystania potencjału energetyki obywatelskiej w regionie Morza Bałtyckiego


Policyrekommendationer för mer Community Energy i Östersjöområdet

White Paper

White Paper

Policy recommendations to support/initiate CE projects in the BSR

Presentations from the Final Online Conference

Lithuanian Energy Institute

How you can find Community Energy Projects in our Database

Joint Presentation

The Way Forward - Roadmap, Tools and Guidance

Middelfart Municipality

Real-Life Examples of Renewable Energy Cooperative Partnerships

Thermopolis ltd.

CE handbooks communicated for citizens and municipalities in national languages

Tyrsky Consulting

Seizing the Potential of Community Energy - 10 Tools for Policy Makers

Estonian Renewable Energy Association

Regional and National Recommendations

Lund University

Research on CE Projects in the Baltic Sea Region

Community Energy Cases

Ærø, Denmark

Community-owned wind farm on the island of Ærø

Marstal/Ærø, Denmark

Marstal Fjernvarme – a solar district heating plant on the island of Ærø

Tallin, Estonia

A housing association in Tallinn carries out a renovation for energy efficiency with solar PV

Värska, Estonia

Kagu commercial association pioneers community solar in the Seto region of Estonia

Alpua, Finland

Alpua village pioneered in energy community through the installation of a CHP plant

Helsinki, Finland

A housing company in Helsinki tests new community solar with a special IT service

Sprakebüll, Germany

A pioneering energy community in North Frisia

Wiemersdorf, Germany

A successful community wind project: The Wiemersdorf Wind Farm

Smalininkai, Lithuania

Unsuccessfull community wind project in Lithuania by the Smalininkai village association

Szczecin, Poland

A pioneer in community solar: The Pszczelna Street housing community in Szczecin

Kalmar, Sweden

Törneby Solpark & Nöbble Solpark – solar PV from a local source in Kalmar

Information Material

Infographic English (PDF)

Info graphic that provides an overview of the project in English.

Windmills in Denmark and Northern Germany are testament to the change possible in strong communities

Field Trip 2018 Pictures

Three picture galleries on a separate webpage

Postcards (zip-file)

Postcards with different motifs, also for the festive season

Infografik Deutsch (PDF)

Was ist Co2mmunity? - Wer wir sind und was wir machen.

Flyer (PDF)

Our Flyer sums up the information and can be handed out at events.


Poster (PDF)

An A3 version of the poster, to print and disseminate