As an intrinsic part of the global environmental movement, the role of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation Schleswig-Holstein is set to promote sustainable societal and political change. We very much see ourselves in the role as a facilitator for civil society to engage in such democratic debates. Together with other associations within the initiative “Energiebürger.SH”, the foundation is fostering the Energy Transition by means of empowering citizens through practice-oriented courses, building regional and local energy networks, and encouraging citizen initiatives.

Within the Co2mmunity project, we have created an informal RENCOP (renewable energy cooperative partnership), the “Klimanetzwerk – Rendsburg/Eckerförde”. It is a regional strategic (community renewable energy) network. It entails key regional civil society organisations and associations: the evang. luth. Kirche (Luth. Church), Heimatbund (Heritage Association), Naturfreunde (Nature friends), Landfrauen (Country Women’s Association), Volkshochschule (Adult education center), the climate management of the regional authorities (district Rendsburg Eckernförde), as well as a number of various community energy experts. 

In the next phase of the project, we will further sustain our regional RENCOP in close cooperation with our partners. Our aim is to develop appealing activities so that we can reach out to a wider audience, including a platform for mutual learning and exchange. We do not only want to engage with “energy pioneers”, but especially also with stakeholder groups and citizens who, in the energy debate, are not “the usual suspects”.

This rather broad stakeholder group is also reflected in the wide range of initiatives developed with our partners. An example project by the Lutheran Church is to create a “crash course” for people interested in learning more about climate change and the potential of community energy. 

The pairing parner for the Energize Co2mmunity phase is: Latvia.

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