Mārupe – one of the fastest developing municipalities in Latvia. In cooperation with the Energize Co2mmunity partner Riga Planning Region (RPR), they facilitate the implementation of a renewable community energy project. The involved parties are already equipped with competencies and know-how from establishing and running a successful RENCOP (renewable energy cooperative partnership). 

Local and regional renewable energy stakeholders have been mobilized, and together they developed ideas for community energy projects that can be implemented in practice and how to demonstrate the benefits in local communities. These include educational, informative and entertaining activities such as the planned Green Festival in Mārupe.

Riga Planning Region will also attempt to transfer the results and good practices to other municipalities located in the region. Since there is no clear regulatory framework for renewable energy communities in Latvia, RPR will cooperate with the national energy policy-maker: the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia. This will be done by developing a viable operational model for renewable energy communities in Latvia, so that eventually the concept can be adopted all over the country.

The pairing partner is the pilot project from Germany.

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