In early 2018, citizens of the Taurage district of Lithuania took part in an introduction to the goals of the Co2mmunity program. Together with the Kaunas Regional Energy Agency (KREA) and other stakeholders, the citizens of Pagramantis were inspired to generate their own renewable energy project through installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on local community buildings.

The first step was to structurally analyze whether the proposed PV-buildings were suitable for solar panel installation, with renovations beginning in late 2018. Throughout the following year, continual adjustments were made to the overall design to reflect ongoing community feedback and feasibility assessments. During the process, the team worked to identify possible funding sources and develop a strategy to gather general support for the project. 

Mid-way through 2019, the project prepared for the final phase of indoor installations and consideration of electrical and other technical parameters, before completing the planned primary activities in early 2020. With the kick-off of the prolongation phase ‘Energize Co2mmunity’, the Pagramantis community is now continuing to conduct electricity-consumption studies and source financial sources for its Photovoltaic renewable energy project.

To date, the project has been characterized by regular input from all stakeholders across local, district and national levels. Through early participation of these stakeholders, the project has been able to mature in a manner which exemplifies the goals of the Co2mmunity program.

The pilot project is paired with another one from Denmark.

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