Final Meeting in Denmark: Day 2

Samsø, Denmark: the meeting place for Day 2 of the final conference for Energize C02mmunity. This island was an auspicious location for us to hold our final meeting, as it is 100% powered by renewables, such as wind, solar and biomass, and manages to export up to 40% of its energy generated to the Danish mainland. Its citizens live as CO2 negative – emissions are calculated at minus 3.7 tonnes per inhabitant.

We spent our time at the Energiakademiet, on the eastern side of the island. Apart from existing an exemplary example of how future energy production could look like, Energiakademiet is a well-established meeting point for like-minded groups to collaborate on projects.

The sweeping vistas provided by the floor-to-floor windows, together with the minimalist design and architecturally designed solar panels, provided an outstanding environment for the partners to come together for exchange.

The day kicked-off with pairing meetings between the 6 partners, in which previous activities and achievements were celebrated, and future possibilities for collaboration and knowledge share were explored. We were then treated to a guided tour to experience a taste of the island renewable energy examples, such as the century’s old mill and wind turbines.