Registration open: Final Online Conference – September 8, 2020

The registration for our Final Online Conference is open! Please register via this link. Have a look at the agenda or the information sheet.

After three years of successful Co2mmunity cooperation we will summarise our achievements and talk about the current status of community energy (CE) in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). We will continue our cooperation in the follow-up project „Energize Community“, implementing pilot projects in the BSR, empowering the people producing and consuming their own renewable energy.

Reasons to Attend?

  1. Get to know practical tools and guidelines to foster CE projects in your region
  2. Learn about how to embed CE in renewable energy policies
  3. Exchange your knowledge and experience with researchers, technical experts, policy decision makers, CE stakeholders and citizens being prosumers
  4. Strengthen your transnational cooperation in the EU

Topics of Interest

We will state the current situation of CE in the BSR and visualise our RENCOP model to establish CE projects by real-life examples. The application of our roadmap, country specific handbooks, and tools for fostering CE projects will be illustrated. We will address our policy recommendations and put CE as an important pillar of the EU Green Deal in the focus of our panel discussion.

Who will join?

This final conference targets all CE stakeholders: Citizens, European & national policy makers and governmental institutions, actors and organisations active in the development of the CE sector.

Community Energy Forum for Policy Progress in Tallinn

Let’s take initiative!

March 11/12, 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia

The Community Energy Forum for Policy Progress is a lunch to lunch event during which Europe’s renewable energy community meets to network, discuss and forge joint action on policy progress.

The Community Energy Forum for Policy Progress is the place where the ‘renewable energy community’ meets. It provides an interactive experience to catch up on the current state of play on a broad range of issues concerning community renewable energy and to discuss ways of moving forward. The Community Energy Forum for Policy Progress targets professionals from community energy, governments, public institutions, citizens, NGOs and academia.

The Energy Forum for Policy Progress is organised jointly by Tartu Regional Energy Agency and Kiel University.

Have a look at the agenda for the meeting as well as the information sheet.

Registration will be open until end of February 2020.

For further information please contact the project coordinator via


Vortragsabend: “Bioenergien – Alternativen abseits von Mais & Co.” 29. Oktober 2019, 18 Uhr im ConventGarten Rendsburg

Moin, moin!

Bioenergien sind vielfältiger als Mais vom Acker!

Wie jedes Jahr wird auch die diesjährige Maisernte zum Anlass genommen, Fragen zu stellen nach der Sinnhaftigkeit und Nachhaltigkeit der Energiegewinnung aus Pflanzen vom Acker: Wie umweltverträglich ist der Anbau von Mais & Co.? Stehen die Flächen in Konkurrenz zum Anbau von Nahrungsmitteln (Tank-Teller-Diskussion)? Wie sind die Bioenergien eingebunden in die zukünftige Versorgung mit 100% erneuerbaren Energien?

All diese Fragen im Hinterkopf widmet sich der Vortragsabend „Bioenergien – Alternativen abseits von Mais & Co.“ im Hotel ConventGarten in Rendsburg, am Dienstag den 29. Oktober 2019, 18-20.30 Uhr nachhaltigen Lösungen.

Als Themen und Referenten haben wir für Sie ausgewählt:

  • „Kreislaufwirtschaft am Beispiel von kommunalen Abfällen“, Ralph Hohenschurz-Schmidt, Abfallwirtschaft Rendsburg-Eckernförde“
  • „Energie aus Reststoffen der Landschaftspflege in Kombination mit Wärme-Contracting“, Hendrik Goll, get|2|energy GmbH & Co. KG

Eintritt frei! Ausreichend Zeit für Ihre Fragen haben wir ebenfalls eingeplant!

Wir freuen uns, Sie zu sehen.

Ihr Team der Energiebürger.SH + Kooperationspartner*innen

Weitere Termine im Rendsburger Klima-Herbst:

  • 14. November 2019, 19 Uhr: Filmabend: „Tomorrow – die Welt ist voller Lösungen“, von Cyril Dion und Mélanie Laurent mit anschließendem Austausch mit Ralph Hohenschurz-Schmidt, AWR und Boris Woynowski, cross border innovation challenge im Schauburg Filmtheater Rendsburg, 6 Euro, ermäßigt 4 Euro
  • 26. November 2019, 18 Uhr: Vortagsabend zum Thema: „Erneuerbare Wärme für das Dorf“, mit Wilm Feldt, Energieagentur in der Investitionsstiftung SH, Sebastian Krug, Klimaschutzmanager des Kreises RD, Heiko Hansen und Uwe Carstensen, BürgerGemeindeWerke Breklum eG, ConventGarten Rendsburg, Eintritt frei

GNF among the speakers for the 5th time on Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia on 29.10.2019

In October 2014 the International Consortium “St. Petersburg cleantech cluster for urban environment” was established. So, this year is 5th anniversary of the Consortium, 5th time of GNF’s participation into the Forum and a second rotation year of chairmanship in the Board of the Consortium.

Welcome to listen (also) our presentation on 6.B2 Foresight Session Strategies and Best Cluster Practices for Transition to a Circular Economy for Sustainable Urban Development October.

The Session: 29.10.2019, 11.30–13.15 Park Inn by Radisson Pribaltiyskaya Hotel (St.Petersburg), Hall “Blue 2”

Climate Day – Middelfart

On the 30th of August 2019, Co2mmunity partner members Kiel University and Riga Planning Region came together in Middelfart for their People’s Meeting on Climate of the Future.

The Culture Island Square in the city center was filled with a variety of stalls where businesses, local institutions, and associations fill the space with the climate market and inspiration for how the close and local actions can and do make a global difference. In addition, there were talks and debates on climate regarding issues and solutions to today’s climate challenges.

Visitors and speakers included Connie Hedegaard the Climate Ambassador for Middelfart Municipality and former EU Commissioner and Minister in Denmark, Mogens Lykketoft the former Minister, President of Parliament and President of the UN General Assembly, Christian Ibsen the Director of CONCITO, Signe D. Frese the CSR Director for Coop, and Jacob Bjerregaard the chairman of the Kommunernes Landsforening’s Environment and Supply Committee had the opportunity to exchange their ideas and thoughts.

Call for Co2mmunity – Call for action

Climate and Energy experts came together Monday, 17th June with Middelfart Kommune and shared knowledge on how local communities can support the transition to Net-Zero emission society before 2050.

“In such a case it’s really a treat, especially because we are a part of . A project where we support local renewable energy co-operatives and have the newest scientific and practical knowledge from our partners. So it was just a pleasure” Morten Westergaard, head of Climate and Energy at the municipality, explains.

The meeting was held with over 50 representatives from local communities. The meeting was contained “Work-Shop” tricks, that actually were duplicated from last partner meeting with Co2mmunity.

On this “Copy-paste” trick project coordinator Gerlind Wagner-Vogel says… “This is the whole idea, taking best practices and implementing them. This is the time for action”.

Contact us for more information:

Gerlind Wagner-Vogel:

Morten M. Westergaard:

Co2mmunity milestone achievement

We have published our first working paper: Co2mmunity WORKING PAPER – Developing a Joint Perspective on Community Energy: Best Practices and Challenges in the Baltic Sea Region

This is a big milestone for the project as for the first time a comprehensive study on the conditions for community energy projects in the Baltic Sea Region is available. A lot of our work in the last 18 months has contributed to this achievement, such as the comprehensive set of case studies and the project database we have developed.