Middelfart hosts climate festival

Last weekend, thousands of participants attended Klimafolkemødet: Middelfart’s annual climate festival (Denmark). This meeting puts climate at the top of the agenda for three whole days, and is geared towards citizens, professionals and politicians alike.

‘Climate Action Together’ was this year’s theme and was held in cooperation with a wide range of organisers. The aim of the Climate People’s Meeting is simply to inspire action and create solutions – for decision-makers, businesses, organisations and citizens.

What started off as a local initiative, is now regarded as a national event. This edition of the Klimafolkemødet was the largest so far, with estimates of between 5,000 and 10,000 people in attendance.

Further information can be found here (in Danish): https://klimafolkemoedet.dk/

Photo: Claus Fisker/Klimafolkemødet