The partner regions implemented RENCOPs in Co2mmunity, but they are in different stages of CE development. Some regions (“frontrunners”) have brought first CE pilots to life whereas other regions face barriers and difficulties hindering them from further progressing towards CE pilots. Thus, extension stage activities will include study tours where RENCOP representatives visit to a paired region with similar contexts and renewable energy solutions, to exchange solutions regarding technical, ownership, financial or stakeholders´ involvement topics.

The common denominators are that they:

  • are the outcome of RENCOP mobilisation and facilitation activities
  • will be established and the ownership model is settled
  • clarify the management or operational structure
  • will not rely on Interreg funding
  • will prospectively produce renewable energy to foster the transition to a greener future.

The six piloted renewable community energy projects will be instructive examples for:

  1. how participatory mobilisation process according to the RENCOP/Co2mmunity prove to be successful
  2. how citizens can take the energy transition into their own hands
  3. the business case for renewable energy not just out of altruism, but with a profit orientation or at least to reach the break even.

The stories about the paired pilotes will regualry be shared on this websites well as our social media channels. In the map the pairs are implied by colours.