Danish partner gets featured on national TV

Our Danish partners were recently featured on the prime time broadcasting network DR, with the Climate Minister being addressed directly. Around 650,000 viewers tuned in.
The 20-minute discussion demonstrated how many renewable energy projects are exposed to “NIMBY” (Not In My Back Yard) attitudes. The Minister is very aware of the importance of improving processes and discussing future pathways for “Yes In My Back Yard” renewable energy projects.
Sol-over-Brenderup, the community energy project we presented to you earlier, was also featured. Here local initiators described how citizen involvement has been essential to the success of the project, ensuring that the project is met with enthusiasm through participation.
Barriers to community energy were delivered to the minister by our project partner, Middelfart Municipality climate manager Morten Westergaard, who is convinced that the Danish authorities can use their positive experience with this project to make the process easier for future solar and wind energy projects.
Link to article (Danish), here.  And the Link to the film clip here.