Renewable Energy Cooperative Partnerships

Renewable Energy Co-operative Partnerships, in short RENCOP’s, are partnerships that can include citizens, authorities, businesses and academia. Every RENCOP is different, but usually the goal will be to implement renewable energy projects that one person or group alone could not manage. Maybe you know of an example in your home country as well. The partners of Co2mmunity are establishing RENCOP’s across the Baltic Sea Region to learn from each other about the opportunities and pitfalls of co-operative renewable energy project development. The RENCOP’s are at different stages of development and as our approach develops this site will be updated.

Below you can find more detail in a list providing and an interactive map listing the project partners in each country.

When you ask a Danish person what is a RENCOP he might say: faellesskaber med fokus på vedvarende energii. As we do not all speak Danish, find some information on the Danish Co2mmunity RENCOPs below.

RENCOP Project: Common Purchase of Heat Pumps

To promote the transition to CO2 neutral heating in private homes, Middelfart Municipality is running a campaign to inform citizens on the possibility to purchase heat pumps collectively. By purchasing as a group the citizens can reduce the investment costs of the heat pumps.

During these campaigns with approximately 250 citizens attending, Middelfart Municipality offers support and advice for the citizens. For example by helping to find different suppliers and by ensuring that the whole process goes forward. In the end, the citizens of course still have to decide for themselves, which offer they want to take.

Already now a new version of “Common purchase” is being planned in the last week of October.  

RENCOP Project: Green City – Brenderup

The citizens of the village Brenderup decided that they want to support the green transition. Currently Middelfart Municipality and some citizens from Brenderup are working on mapping the possibilities, to make Brenderup a Green City. The first goal is already clear: To become self-sufficient with CO2 neutral electricity using solar photovoltaics.  

RENCOP Project:  Termonet

We can increase district heating coverage in Denmark from 64% to almost 100% by combining existing technology in a new way. This is done by fusing the collective organisation known from district heating companies with individual geothermal heat pumps. With the great advantage of using low-pressure and low-temperature grids This is done with help from a supply network based on heat absorbing vertical and horizontal plastic tubes. We call this network Termonet. Termonet can be used for both heating and cooling. This is an ‘Expert’-RENCOP including the energy companies TREFOR and EWII production. 

Føns – the first movers

Føns district heating, Denmark’s smallest district heating plant has ben operating since 1st October 2015 and is supplying 46 households with around 400 kW heat, saving 280 tons CO2. In 2012, long before Co2mmunity, Føns started the process of finding a heating supply solution for the village and the conclusion was a small district heating plant, powered by wood chips. During the process of finding a common heating supply for the village, many challenges appeared, but in the end, Føns got their district heating plant.

There are two RENCOPs developing in Finland, namely in South Ostrobothnia and around Helsinki. RENCOP in Finnish is: uusiutuvan energian yhteisöhankkeita edistävät kumppanuudet.

Thermopolis and the Council of South Ostrobothnia have held a kick-off workshop for an expert-drive RENCOP in South Ostrobothnia on the 13th February 2018. Find a short info here. The next meeting of the group is planned after the summer holidays. Also, in March and May two meetings on replicating a local RENCOP that resulted in a solar installation on a multi-family house were held.

For the Helsinki group, a first meeting of an open expert RENCOP will take place in June. Also a joint study visit of GNF and Aalto university to Estonia (Tartu) is planned.

– Energiebürger SH is working with local district of Rendsburg Eckernförde to establish a RENCOP

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The Polish Co2mmunity RENCOP is currently still under development. It will integrate members of citizen initiatives, energy clusters, energy cooperatives, stakeholders, as well as experts. The goal is to identify local potentials for community energy, as well as support tools, factors and barriers for the development of community energy. The RENCOP will strengthen the understanding of energy clusters and energy cooperatives, and foster the development of renewable energy projects carried out by citizens.

We would like to invite all interested parties to join RENCOP in Poland in order to build expert working group.

RENCOP kick-off meeting in Poland will be held in September 2018.

Interested parties may contact the RENCOP Coordinator FNEZ::

In April 2018, a first workshop was held by Energikontor Sydost. There citizens were informed on possibilities for communal purchases of PV cells and new rebates in tax law.

Additionally, a first open session was held where experts and citizens came together to explore new options.