RENCOP Developments

Here, we will develop an overview of the RENCOP’s and related activities. For now, find a list of countries and activities as far as available:

  1. Denmark:
    – Middelfaart Municipality has held first workshops on to inform citizens on an opportunity for exchanging oil-fired heating systems, a RENCOP in action
    – A second round of workshops is planned where heat pumps will be offered
    – The citizens whom were interested are now deciding which heat pump to install
  2. Estonia
  3. Finland:
    – Thermopolis and the Council of South Ostrobothnia have held a kick-off workshop for a RENCOP in South Ostrobothnia on the 13th February 2018. Find a short info here.
    – Activities are aiming for an exchange from an existing RENCOP to possible RENCOP’s with citizens from existing multi-family house solar installations
  4. Germany
    – Energiebürger SH is working with local district of Rendsburg Eckernförde to establish a RENCOP
  5. Latvia
  6. Lithuania
  7. Poland
  8. Sweden