Transnational Exchange

CE Partner Agreement

An important output of the Co2mmunity project is a transnational community energy partner agreement which is a contact template for community energy (CE) project partners. It is an important resource for new projects throughout the Baltic Sea Region. Please find the document as well as the current status of signed partner agreements below.

To help facilitate these partnerships, Co2mmunity has established RENCOP’s. A RENCOP is a Renewable ENergy COoperative Partnership. RENCOP coordinators connect local communities with experts in the field to help facilitate and accelerate the development and installation of CE projects.

Transnational RENCOP Meetings

To get a better understanding of these partnerships, Co2mmunity sat down with Toivo from Estonia and Kristaps from Latvia. They shared their experiences so far with CE projects and collaborating with Co2mmunity partners.

Co2mmunity in Denmark and Latvia

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In the framework of transnational exchange, our project partner Riga Planning Region has produced a video about Co2mmunity in Denmark and Latvia. To find out more about experiences with our project, watch this video in which two municipalities, Middelfart in Denmark and Mārupe in Latvia, give insights into their Co2mmunity involvement.

Co2mmunity in Finland

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The South Ostrobothnian RENCOP in Finland has been organising a virtual bus tour for the housing company representatives (see our latest newsletter for more information).  This virtual bus stop is at the housing company Asunto Oy Tampereen Pohjolankatu 18-20 in Tampere.

Co2mmunity in Sweden

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The Swedish RENCOP has focused on Housing cooperatives. These are existing structures often with an interest in environment, climate and energy. Their buildings often have roofs suitable for solar-PVs and the economic conditions are favourable making this a good investment over time. In this film we visit a housing cooperative in Växjö, a town in the middle of South Sweden. It is not known to be a very sunny place, but also here solar-PVs are a clever choice.

CE Partner Agreement

This working paper summarises the activities conducted under work package (WP) 3.3 in the Co2mmunity project.  The  main  aim  of  the  report  is  to  give  an  overview  about  the  working  on  transnationally  further developing RENCOPs with the goal to carve out tandem systems between frontrunners and followers forming  transnational CE partner agreements in the field of community energy. Special focus is on having a look on the specific challenges and conditions in the partner-regions (SWOT-Analysis) as a base to identify suitable partners for CE projects and develop suitable tandems. In the appendix of the report you can find a template for the Declaration of Partnership and Cooperation.

So far, the following partner agreements have been signed or are in preparation:

  • Sweden (Energy Agency of Southeast Sweden) and Estonia (Tartu Regional Energy Agency TREA), status: signed
  • Germany (Heinrich-Böll Foundation Schleswig-Holstein) and Latvia (Riga Planning Region and City of Marupe), status: signing in preparation
  • Estonia (Tartu Regional Energy Agency TREA) and Finland (Green Net Finland, Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, Thermopolis Ltd – Energy Agency of South Ostrobothnia), status: signing in preparation
  • Finland (Region of Helsinki-Uusimaa) and Denmark (Middelfart municipality), status: Partner Agreement in preparation