INTERREG Projects in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

The Ministry of Justice, European Affairs, Consumer Protection and Equality in Schleswig-Holstein has published a new info brochure on the INTERREG projects that are active in Schleswig-Holstein. These projects come from:
– INTERREG A: Germany Denmark
– INTERREG B: Baltic Sea Region
– INTERREG B: North Sea Region
Of course, Co2mmunity features as well! Download the whole brochure here -> Infoheft Interreg_Final  to get an overview.

Community Kick-Off Workshop

The Co2mmunity Kick-Off workshop took place on the 16th/17th November at Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel. Many project partners already knew each other from the preparation of the project offer and the event was sizzling with excitement from starting the work. Find a zip-file of the presentations as pdf here!