Two RENCOP Meetings held in Mārupe Municipality in Latvia

In September, the Riga Planning Region, a Co2mmunity partner, worked in cooperation with the associated project partner Mārupe municipality. Together they organised and hosted two RENCOP meetings where energy experts and local citizens were brought together to discuss opportunities for more intensive use of renewable energy solutions and the further development of the community energy pilot project in Mārupe.

As part of the Co2mmunity activities in Latvia, a citizen-driven community energy pilot project is currently being implemented in Mārupe that involves active participation of inhabitants. The local household community has decided to implement a small-scale community energy project that provides the installation of rooftop solar panels. The project team, municipal experts, and external consultants guide the citizens and provide expertise, including advice on technical solutions.

In addition, the project team has recently contracted local energy experts to elaborate a research study to allow for the evaluation of the technical, financial, and legal potentials or frameworks for the initiation and implementation of community energy projects in Latvia. It is expected that the results of this research will contribute to the development of regional RENCOP roadmap. This roadmap will be used in demonstrating ways on how to establish and develop community energy partnerships in practice. Another purpose of the study is to prepare for the dialogue with national energy efficiency policy holders – the Ministry of Economics – as part of the elaboration of policy recommendations.

Next RENCOP meeting in Latvia is scheduled for November 2019 when the preliminary results of researchers become available.