New study on the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on community energy

The exploratory study investigates “how the current situation affects the work of transition intermediaries in the energy sector”. The article is based on the data collected between January and October 2020 in the Co2mmunity project and how Covid-19 policies impact community energy projects, was the concrete objective of this research. 

The results show that these impacts are divers. One central topic was the ability to build trust. Here the already established projects, with a strong trust base, were least affected by the restrictions. Another factor was the source of financing, privately funded projects had bigger difficulty than publically funded organisations.

CE and Covid study

The authors, Henner Busch and Teis Hansen, state that “these findings can help governments, intermediary organizations and citizen groups to design future transition processes in ways that are more resilient to external shocks”.

You can download the full article on this site.