Visit to Karlskrona Solpark in Sweden

On the 22nd of January 2020, in the frame of the Project Partner Meeting in Karlskrona, Sweden, the participants visited the Karlskrona Solpark. On a dumpsite close to the city, the local energy company Affärsverken has built a large solar-PV plant. Robbert Prinselaar from Affärsverken explained that 1.2 MW (4000 panels!) have already been built, but there are plans for up to 6 MW. The location is particularly appropriate since the land can not be used for any other purpose. Also, Karlskrona is known to be one of the sunniest places in Sweden.

The project is administrated by the energy company (owned by the municipality) but the panels are owned by a large number of citizens and companies of the region. They are organised as a cooperative owning the panels and leasing the land. A share of 100W, producing 100kWh per year, costs 1000 kronor (around 100 €).

You can find the project in our database.

Sweden: Next RENCOP meeting on 11th December in Karlskrona

Information about renewable electricity for apartment owner associations

Energikontor Sydost works for increased production of renewable electricity. We therefore invite you to a meeting where the apartment owner association Taube 31 in Karlskrona tells about the experiences of its new solar cell system from the first ideas to the results after a few months of operation. We will also listen to a representative from the Affärsverken on their role in such projects.

Find the info in Swedish here.

Sweden: Coming together for solar PV

As announced here the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden has held a RENCOP meeting for appartment building owner associations in Växjö on the 20th September to inform them on the possibilities for installing their own solar PV.

About 40 people from several appartment building owner associations gathered at BRF Lyckansberg. Anders Lundgren told about his owner association’s experiences with its own solar PV installation, that was installed in May. Since then the facility has generated 42 218 kWh of electricity that were used in the common areas, laundry rooms and especially for lighting. Therewith, the goal of generating 53,000 kWh / year is almost reached and the associations’ members are very satisfied.

Solar Power RENCOP in Sweden

The Swedish Co2mmunity partner Energikontor Sydost, has started an engagement for the installation of PV cells in multi-family buildings. Information was provided and the interest was perceived to be strong! Naturally, as they had a great example of how a bottom-up RENCOP can work: The installation of a solar PV system by a tenants’ association in Växjö. Anders Lundgren, one of the citizens living in the house saw a potential and his community, rather the tenants’ association acted with him – to help all of them save money. Government supported the project by taking on 30% of the labour cost, again helping local artisans. Truly a bottom-up RENCOP development.

Picture: The PV system on Andres Lundgren’s building (picture credit: SVT)